On this page, we are going to be as clear as possible in making sure you understand how we operate in funding your projects. Please if you have unanswered questions, you might want to view our FAQ page. Meanwhile, we have carefully designed a pictorial representation of how our services work.

So take your time to understand our mode of operation; from submission of application to closing of the deal. If you need to contact us, please visit our contact page for details on how to.

  • Enquiry
  • Conference call with project owner
  • Filling of forms and application documents
  • Submission of completed forms and project executive summary to us
  • Submission of your application documents to the right lender/funding group
  • Conference call with lender/lender's rep, borrower/project owner and us.
  • Due diligence conducted by both parties.
  • Presentation of LOI by the lender/funding group
  • Escrow payment made where necessary (Not all necessary)
  • Agreement/Term Sheet issued by the lender/funding group
  • Signed Agreement/Term Sheet returned
  • Funds disbursed to all concerned parties
  • Deal closed

Quick, Clean and Easy Methods of Operation

Our methods are clear and focused. With all parties ready to move forward, a typical loan can close as quick as 25 days, having all documents and legal procedures available and done in earnest.