Welcome to Bray Investment Group LLC, we have several years of expertise in project funding.

28th January 2022

07:30 – 19:00

Monday to Friday

Suite 313 Fort Worth

5601 Bridge Street, TX 76112


Debt Placement

You can be sure of great loan facilities and solutions that can take care of you debts and cover your finances

Project Funding

Easiest way to get funding for that huge project. Whether you are a private or a government firm, its possible.

Raising Capital

Business owners or startups looking to raise capital for their business can rely on BIG to get working solutions.


The best advice and assistance comes from those with experience in the industry. That’s why BIG is here for you.

Banking Services

Bray Investment Group (BIG) is currently working with an exclusive world renowned Banking Consortium.


End-to-end supply chain Procurement contract specialization is a key component of our consultancy framework.

Business Analysis

BIG’s Business Analysts provide comprehensive executive reporting and leadership consulting value-added services.


Bray Investment Group (BIG) leads clients in the seismic and perpetual shift from a “what can we sell” mentality