We have been asked lots of questions by prospective clients on a daily basis. Here is a non-exhaustive list of frequently asked questions asked by borrowers, brokers, and those seeking some sort of funding service(s) from our firm.


Is Bray Investment Group a direct lender?

No, not yet. But we do have several reputable and direct lending sources we work with.

What kind of funding/load do you do?

We provide both equity and debt financing for projects. In addition to those, we also have PPP and PPA programs where the investor comes to take up the ECP+F. Kindly contact us for more details.

Do you offer loans for international government projects?

Yes. We have facilities for government-backed projects worldwide provided the government of that country is wiling to provide some sort of sovereign guarantee in the form of bonds, stocks, etc.

How do I apply for a loan/funding?

You can either submit a loan application online, or you call us to schedule a conference call with you, hoping you are the project owner. Either way, we get to handle your application promptly.

Do I need to have liquidity to get a loan?

It is only logical to say that you will need to have a skin in the game to be able to get the attention of most lenders out there. Though we may have prospects in that regard, but it will be a lot quicker to get funded if you have some finances to cover up fees applicable to your loan request. A lot of this can be explained in our call with you.

Do you do 100% funding?

Yes, 100% is possible. But it requires a Bank Guarantee from a recognized financial institution.

What is your typical funding timeline?

We work with different lenders, over 10 of them actually. And all of these lenders have their own mode of operations which affects their response and thus, making their feedback differ from the date of loan application submissions to the exact date of closing. In essence, a typical loan deal can close between 14 days to 24 weeks depending on certain factors such as; responses from and between borrower and lender, financial policies, project location, and other barriers to entry.

Do you deal with projects from every countries?

That depends on the lender/investor. We do not exclude clients with projects from any country in the world, so far we can get one of our lenders who will be interested in taking up the deal, every project from every country is accepted.

Though it is vital to note that quite a lot of these lenders/investors would not consider funding projects from areas marked as war-zones where there is no freedom of human rights whatsoever. But in rare cases are we presented with projects from such zones.

Do you have provisions for Brokers with clients to refer to your funding programmes?

Yes we do. Our referral brokers are protected with a NCND we will sign with them to ensure everyone is treated fairly. Please schedule a call with us to discuss details.

Any partnership deal?

Most definitely. We welcome meaningful and gainful partnership deals that cut across funding, investment, consultations and so much more. Kindly contact us for more information.

If you think we did not answer a question you might have in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, phone or simply fill out out contact form and we shall revert ASAP.