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Global Project Funding

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Project Funding

We understand you’re seeking for that one true and reliable source to get your medium and mega scale projects funded. Bray Investment Group is here to ensure that for you.

Capital Raising

We raise capitals for all kinds of deals, including; construction, real-estate, oil and gas, renewable energy, waste-recycling & management, business expansions, etc.


Mo matter what kind of consultation you need as regards capital raising and/or project funding, we can provide you with a custom-tailored professional guidance and assistance.

What we Offer

We provide expert loan/investment funding needs. With several years of experience we’ll ensure you’re getting the best guidance from the smartest people in the industry. For your reliable source of funding needs for businesses and individuals, you can rely on Bray Investment Group to deliver.
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About Us

Bray Investment Group is a private independent international project funding consulting group that works to raise capital for projects of societal value both domestically and internationally through our global lending network of private investors, family offices and institutional lenders. Working with both government and private partners, Bray Investment Group can manage in upwards of $100B+ of client projects and is expected to close over $50B of business by the end of 2018.

We work to build confident relationships with our clients and broker partners to know in confidence that they have a team that will regard their projects with the utmost integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of funding/loan do you give?

We provide both equity and debt financing for projects/

Do you offer loans for international government projects?

Yes. We have facilities for government-backed projects worldwide provided the government of that country is wiling to provide some sort of sovereign guarantee in the form of bonds, stocks, etc.

How would I go about applying for a loan?

You can either submit a loan application online, or you call us to schedule a conference call with you, hoping you are the project owner. Either way, we get to handle your application promptly.

Do I need to have liquidity to get a loan?

It is only logical to say that you will need to have a skin in the game to be able to get the attention of most lenders out there. Though we may have prospects in that regard, but it will be a lot quicker to get funded if you have some finances to cover up fees applicable to your loan request. A lot of this can be explained in our call with you.

Do you do 100% funding?

Yes, 100% is possible. But it requires a Bank Guarantee from a recognized financial institution.

What is your typical funding timeline?

We work with different lenders, over 10 of them actually. And all of these lenders have their own mode of operations which affects their response and thus, making their feedback differ from the date of loan application submissions to the exact date of closing. In essence, a typical loan deal can close between 14 days to 6 months depending on certain factors like; response of from borrower/lender, and much more.

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Our financial specialists ensure you get the optimum results.


We have several years experience providing expert financial advice.


A goal-driven team of consultants are always here to help.

For expert local and international project funding and loan deals you can trust Bray Investment Group to bring you the right solutions.

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